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Propellor case studies design

case studies for Propellor Social Enterprise Advisors

left quote

Ian provided us with a strong identity for our consulting venture - one that we are very happy with and that resonates with our client community.right quote

David Lee, Principal, Propellor Social Enterprise Advisors

Review a collection of Word docs for several projects and develop a standard format for these case studies.

The roadmap image reinforced one of Propellor's benchmark services — their '90-day roadmap'. With some prudent editing, we formatted these case studies in short-copy morsels: Client, Challenge, Approach, Result.

Layouts were done in InDesign and provided as PDFs. We then used those layouts to develop Word templates so subsequent case studies could be developed in-house.

This format synchs perfectly with the marketing brochure and website. Collectively delivering a strong, cohesive brand image that reinforces Propellor's value proposition.

Counterpoint Academy Case Study: 350 Kb PDF
Tradeworks Case Study: 450 Kb PDF