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Propellor marketing brochure writing and design

marketing brochure for Propellor Social Enterprise Advisors

Consolidate the scope of services, project experience and deliverables for this new consulting firm in a concise, single-page document with abbreviated bios for the two principals on page 2.

We reviewed a collection of supplied materials — case studies, client testimonials, bios, mission statement and input from our supplied positioning statement template — and drafted copy in a simple, 1, 2, 3 format that covered 'How we help', 'We've helped others', 'We can help you too'.

Listing a few key projects, and a strong client testimonial substantiated the more general statements. Similarly, the few key projects in each principal's bio further substantiated Propellor's ability to deliver measurable results.

The result is a simple, single-page PDF that can be emailed to prospects as a primer or follow-up reminder. It also served as the basis for website copy and expedited the launch of the site.

Propellor marketing brochure: 550 Kb PDF