Propellor name development

preliminary name options for Propellor social enterprise advisors

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Bob and I have decided on the name Propellor, with a tagline of "Social Enterprise Advisors" and the URL www.PropellorAdvisors.caright quote

David Lee, Principal, Propellor Social Enterprise Advisors

The client brief with a request for a proposal stated:
"We are looking for a firm to provide us with the following services and deliverables:

  • basic review of the branding elements we have developed to date
  • consultation in the development of a name
  • basic website that can be updated by ourselves
  • design of business card and letterhead
  • basic brochure/print marketing material (i.e. 1-page)
  • wordmark (or logo)"

Our initial review of existing materials illustrated the measurable results and past accomplishments of the individuals forming this new consulting practice. Their primary focus was to provide feasibility studies, business plans, and '90-day roadmaps' that defined specific steps to reach those objectives.

Whether consulting with start-ups or established enterprises, these consultants always helped advance their clients to the next level.

All of our best name options suggested forward or upward motion. With the slight gramatical twist of 'propellor' we transformed the mechanical device to one who propels — which is exactly what these consultants do.