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Wordpress site for Propellor Advisors

Wordpress site for Propellor Social Enterprise Advisors

Roll out a branded website with a simple content management system (CMS).

We recommended Wordpress as a simple CMS that met all of the client's requirements and we showed them how to review available themes. We modified an existing theme to apply Propellor's brand graphics, populated it with content and had it launched within a week of the client choosing a theme. One objective of the theme modifications was to keep all critical information "above the fold" — a bit of newspaper jargon adapted to web design that refers to seeing page content without having to scroll down.

We also provided a simple procedure guide that included screen captures and explained how to create new posts and pages, upload new files and manage the navigation menu.

The clients were quick studies and got up to speed with the Wordpress admin immediately. They used our Word templates to create new case study PDFs, uploaded those to the site and inserted links in newly created case study pages. They now manage their site content on their own.