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On-line tool calculates environmental benefits of recycled paper

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What a great tool! This makes us think twice about how many copies we print and our choice of paper for print jobs.right quote

Helesia Luke, Principal, Ethos Strategy Group

To deliver an on-line tool that calculates the environmental benefits of printing on recycled paper. The calculation is more involved than simply comparing outcomes based on the weight of paper. Paper is available from the mill in fixed-size press sheets which accomodate different formats with varying amounts of waste. These combinations had to be factored into the calculations.

We designed and built this on-line, interactive benefits calculator for quick reference on print projects. Data is based on eco-audits provided by the paper mills. The calculator is hosted on our server and can be incorporated into any website with a few lines of include code. This allows us to make updates at any time and have those changes immediately displayed on any site that has included the calculator.