CanWEA booth shows environment, employment, small wind

Display booth graphics for the Canadian wind energy association designed by design hq inc.

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This looks really good! I appreciate what a challenge it was to communicate the broad spectrum of representation and advocacy CanWEA provides all its members — from small wind turbines to utility scale projects; from employment opportunities now to a clean environment for future generations — and to do it in a clean, cohesive way with one, unified image. Congratulations.right quote

Léonie Bouvier, Director, Communications, CanWEA

CanWEA's portable booth has to represent several aspects of the Canadian wind energy industry: land use; employment; clean environment for future generations; utility scale projects; 'small wind'; and their association branding.

To avoid a fragmented appearance, we chose a single, large background image which shows an Alberta wind farm on ranch land against the majestic Rocky Mountains. Inset images depict small wind; laborers and children against a clear, blue sky. Branding, bilingual copy and inset images are positioned so panel seams avoid slicing critical information.