Carebags retail package is an extension of the product

new package design for Carebags reusable produce bags

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Thank you for all your hard work I really like the packaging. It's … fantastic!right quote

Diana Conway, Owner, Carebags

original carebags retail packageChallenge
Redesign the retail packaging for these reusable produce bags and avoid some of the pitfalls of the original packaging.

The original packaging used a folded label card that was sewn onto the bags. This obscured the bag top, increased labor costs and the stitching left visible blemishes in the bags, making them appear flawed as soon as they were out of the package.

dieline for carebags retail packageSolution
The shape of the hanger hole requested by the client required die-cutting so we thougth let's use die-cutting to its best advantage.

We followed the organic shape of the bags and designed a die-cut card that folded around the set of 4 carebags which were held in place with a swiftach (the same little strands that hold your new socks together).

The bags draped nicely over the folded tabs and the die-cut upper portion was scaled exactly to the bag size, creating a very convincing trompe l'oeil effect. Combined with the hanging bags this completed the image of a full-sized open bag. Shoppers are able to see and feel the entire bag, including the drawstring top and the packaging blends seamlessly with the product.

The packaging is also 100% recyclable card stock — an important consideration for a company "Dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact in every way, everyday."