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fig leaf stencil graphic designed by design hq inc.

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Hand-made cedar gift boxes of marzipan stuffed chocolate figs

self-promotion hand made red cedar gift boxes full of marzipan stuffed chocolate dipped figs designed by design hq inc.

left quote

Wow! What a treat. Don't know what I did to deserve these, but let me know so I'm in your good books for next year!right quote

Peter Pedersen, M.A. Stewart & Sons

Constantly working with mass-produced, high-tech packaging systems challenges us to create a high-touch, low-tech package for our own work. We also wanted to delight the taste buds of our friends and clients.

The boxes are made of Western Red Cedar shingles. The chain-sawn edge of the shingle bolt was retained for the top edge of the box. Lids were stencilled with the decorative fig leaf — a hint at the contents of the box — marzipan stuffed figs, hand dipped in chocolate.