Ho, Ho, Ho, HQ sticker

Hand-made gift box of greeting cards & envelopes

self promotion gift box designed by design hq inc. full of greeting cards illustrated by kelly brooks

left quote

Thanks for the beautiful cards Ian. I love Kelly's illustrations. They covered all my card mailing and I have a few left for other special occasions.right quote

Susan Pinkham, Gemcom Software International

We ran a folder job that had lots of extra room on the press sheet, so rather than waste it, we filled it with greeting cards using 3 of Kelly's original illustrations. This resulted in thousands of 'free' cards for us — over 8 large boxes of finished cards. We needed to share them, or expand our office space!

We designed a custom gift box using die-cut open D flute corrugate, which wrapped around hand made rabbeted end blocks. Each box contained a dozen cards with envelopes. The seal for the box morphed the seasonal "HO, HO, HO" into the "HQ" monogram for Design HQ.

We distributed these early enough that our friends and clients received a seasonal gift they could actually use — AND we made a small dent in our card inventory. Only a few thousand to go!