Premium DRM promotes luxury A&K holidays at Intrawest resorts

direct response marketing (DRM) package for abercrombie & kent and intrawest resorts to market their luxury adventure holidays designed by design hq inc.

To market Abercrombie & Kent's luxury adventure travel through an exclusive offer to Intrawest resort guests. The branding for this offer had to appeal to A&K and Intrawest clients. Typically these 2 audiences would see very different branding approaches, however both audiences seek out world-class destinations and facilities.

This DM piece features special trip packages promoted on separate cards with a perforated business card for the travel consultant handling that trip; significant package discounts; a free digital camera early-booking gift; luggage tags; a limited number of departures and a limited time to book. The 12 page brochure describes 4 broad categories of adventure trips — all exclusively available through this A&K/Intrawest partnership.