lombardo's seal designed by design hq inc.

Inexpensive, short-runs allow fine-tuning of menu

preliminary laminated Lombardo's menus designed by design hq inc.

Design a menu system that is durable and economical to print short runs to allow for frequent updates as menu selections and pricing for the new location are being finalized.

These menus fit the maximum trim size for colour laser printing (16" x 12.25" — folding to 8 " x 12.25"). This allowed us to print and laminate short runs of 50 to 100 pieces as needed and make frequent updates. Smaller menus for drinks, cocktails and coffees are printed as double-sided single panels.

We're now on the 5th interation of menus such as drinks and Lombardo's has not spent a bundle on precious menus they're reluctant to discard or replace as the final selections and pricing get ironed out.