future friendly home logotype

Folder opens like a present more than corporate communications

Telus future friendly home folder designed by design hq inc.

To communicate the benefits of pre-wiring network installations in new construction projects — both single family detached and multi-unit developments. TELUS branded this as their "Future Friendly® Home".

In addition to the benefits of partnering with TELUS, this package details a variety of on-site marketing materials that assist the developer in selling the advantages of the TELUS Future Friendly Home. The enclosed order form shows each item available for the display suite. All the developer has to do is enter the quantity they want. Simple.

It illustrates exactly what the Future Friendly Home offers — everything from security monitoring to internet video streaming; wireless game play to computer networks.

All the contents are enclosed in an original folder design that does double-duty as a self-mailer that conforms to postal regulations.

The TELUS Future Friendly Home becomes a value add that increases the marketability of developments and ensures TELUS is the communications provider from the ground up.