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Infinite loop is the perfect icon for this geoexchange company

logo based on infinite loop for exchangenergy  a geo exchange company

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I like the third option you suggested, the cyan with orange is clean and bright. Overall, I'd say it's right on target so please proceed. Exciting to see this process and looking forward to adopting our new branding! right quote

Jeremy Jacobs, Sales and Engineering

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Thank you Ian! It works perfectly. Getting the guys to hire someone who actually knows what they are doing… really paid off! Creating an icon with the e's was what we wanted to do from the start and I always had in the back of my head that it needed to suggest a loop or a continuous movement... You succeeded with style!right quote

Andrea Dobbs, Communications Director

We were given several files of ideas that had been prepared in-house at exchangenergy. This can often be a bit of a stumbling block. Developing an idea which you've inherited may take you in a direction you wouldn't have intuitively pursued. Ignore them and you risk offending the client and coming across like a design prima donna.

In this instance, the preliminary work was pursuing the right concept — some type of closed loop system —, but hadn't quite hit the mark.

The double 'e' of exchangenergy immediately suggested the possibility of an infinite loop. Based loosely on an Avante Garde 'e' this logo suggests a continuous cycle — the essence of the infinite energy supply that is tapped with geoexchange systems. Since geoexchange provides both heating and cooling, the hot/cool colour palette was an obvious choice to communicate this key benefit to prospects that may not fully understand GeoExchange technology.

See some of our preliminary design options for the exchangenergy logo (66 KB PDF)