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Hot/cool colour scheme is key component for this high-energy brand

logo, brochures, business cards and fleet graphics for exchangenergy — a geo exchange company

left quote

Wow… soooo good! I love the full colour options… leaning towards the cyan front and back. Love the water mark. Think we could probably alternate between the cyan and orange front and back seasonally.right quote

Andrea Dobbs, Communications Director

Geoexchange systems have been described by the US EPA as the most energy efficient method of heating and cooling buildings. This prompted a key decision maker in the company to push for green in the branding.

It's tough to tell who's green washing their business these days and who is genuinely "green". Either way, "greening" your brand seems less important than reinforcing other key attributes and letting the green ones come along for the ride. Since geoexchange provides both heating and cooling, the hot/cool colour palette was an obvious choice that reinforces these key aspects and imparts high energy to the brand.