western logistics logo designed by design hq inc.



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Multiple options for terminal signage designs

rendering of free-standing sign for western logistics winnipeg terminal designed by design hq inc.

Design exterior signage for a variety of terminals.

Signage solutions range from Winnipeg's glass-mounted version set in a concrete plinth to wall-mounted signage like the version below for the Montreal terminal, completed in 2007. That photo also shows the new fleet graphics rolled out in 2012.

Design considerations include material selection for extreme climates; visibility for drivers arriving in the dead of night; multiple vantage points and capabilities of contractors installing at each terminal location. In the case of Winnipeg's signage, we provided custom cut foam lettering used to cast "55 Paquin Road" in the concrete plinth; detailed engineering drawings and all the finished components to apply to the tempered glass.

photo of western logistics montreal terminal under construction