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western logistics logo designed by design hq inc.



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Corporate attributes reinforced in new website design home page designed by design hq inc.
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The corporate website had to provide detailed information on each of the company's terminal facilities; a brief history; corporate values; and on-line tracking for registered customers.

The website design is as clean and well engineered as the rest of the company's operations. The trans-continental map at the top of the terminal pages, provides direct links to each of the terminals. The bottom of these pages display a Flash image strip at that is updated by simply replacing the contents of a folder for each terminal. The large route maps also allow you to click continuously across North America to the adjacent regions.

Customers continually remark on this website. They are pleased at its ease of use and surprised at its elegance — a quality they don't encounter when dealing with Western Logistics' competitors, but one that reinforces this key aspect of their brand.