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Simple HTML Web Sites

Point no Point resort's Bridge House homepage designed by design hq inc.For sites that require infrequent updates and modest functionality, designing and building a site manually can be the fastest, most cost-effective solution. These sites can incorporate modern menu systems, media files such as Flash or video, and can be hosted on any server. One key difference is they don't require a database to deliver pages. Each page is a static document or 'flat' HTML file.

These sites are very fast to launch because they can be assembled quickly using basic templates without the need to configure the server and install a database. Since updates are usually infrequent, you also don't have the up-front investment of learning a content management system.

Our own site is built this way. With web skills you can update these sites as often as needed or they can incorporate basic content management through programs such as Adobe Contribute.

Our site for Point No Point Bridgehouse is a great looking example of a flat HTML site.

We can also incorporate effects such as image rotators like you see on our own home page or our web design page. These animated effects simply read the contents of a folder and fade one image into the next. Updates are as simple as replacing the image files in the folder.

The frequency of updates and interaction you want to provide your audience are the key factors in deciding if this is the best approach for your site.

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The site looks great and came together faster than we ever imagined. Your photos would be at home on the pages of Architectural Digest. Nice work. Thanks for another great job.right quote

Stuart Soderberg, Owner, Point No Point Resort