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SRK print communications

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We needed a brochure that covered multiple industry sectors without becoming overly technical or too general. Design HQ guided us through the process and helped us craft a message that communicates our key strengths through real examples. The end product has served us well for many years now.right quote

Andy Barrett, Group CEO

Design and produce cost-effective print communications in 8 differrent languages; in A4 and letter format; and provide output files that can be printed regionally while maintaining a consistent, high quality.

We developed a hybrid A4/letter page document so one file can be printed and trimmed out to either size, or exported as a press-res PDF in the required format. Each language version is produced in its own layer in the InDesign file. This combination means printers can run 4 colour process for multiple languages and surprint text simply with a black plate change.

When we send output PDFs we provide files for 4 colour as well as spot gloss varnish. ReadMe files also include specifications for paper weight and finish so printers can select the best match from locally available paper stocks.

Branding elements such as the logo are colour matched to swatch sheets which are printed to exacting colour specifications.

SRK's print communications are produced to a consistent quality regardless of where they are printed around the world. Paper weights, brightness and finish are as precisely controlled as the colour quality. Our colour swatches are distributed to all 45 SRK offices, which ensure a consistent brand appearance — something that was impossible when relying on different hues in process ink colours, variations in Pantone chips, and visual matches to faded or poor quality swatch books.

color swatch chips for SRK Consulting branding