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SRK Consulting

Feature site: Commercial Drive Busines Society

Vancouver's Commercial Drive website home page

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Drupal Website Content Management System

Drupal is used by some ~400,000 websites around the world, including some heavy hitters such as NASA, McDonald's, AT&T, Mattel, MIT Media Lab, OXFAM, UN, CNN, FedEx, Whitehouse, Hillary Clinton, Bob Dylan, Warner Bros, NHL, the King of Belgium, … the list goes on.

There are many persuasive reasons they selected Drupal — It's open source, which means it's free to use. It has a huge community of developers so you can draw from a great talent pool, and over 8,000 modules that let you easily install anything from an events calendar to RSS syndication.

We've used Drupal for single sites that require multi-language functionality and complex enterprise-level solutions that need to share content between 15+ websites around the world in multiple languages.

Here's a few examples and some of the benefits of this system.