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When you have >1,600 professional consultants in 50 offices in >20 countries on 6 continents, a single corporate website doesn't quite cut it.

Minerals abundant in one country may not exist in another. Demand for one method of resource extraction or environmental service may require expertise from the other side of the globe.

SRK's global network of consulting practices allows their clients to tap exactly the right expertise for their particular project. Their network of >15 regional websites needed a solution that shared resources the same way their consulting practices do.

In 2012 we migrated their sites into Drupal and took full advantage of its enterprise-level capabilities.

Shared information such as newsletters, personnel bio pages, office listings and projects are distributed from a single source to multiple websites — eliminating the need to maintain redundant copies of web content. That content can be translated and delivered in 10 different languages and other languages can be added whenever needed.

We designed and produced the sites, then provided traning to more than 80 users around the world. Our step-by-step illustrated procedure guides answered the majority of users' support questions. If help was still needed, we handled that with GoTo Meeting (occasionally at some pretty odd hours!).

SRK now has a robust content management system that can be augmented with existing modules for new functions — eliminating the need to program from scratch. The huge, global talent pool of Drupal programmers also guarantees their long-term needs can be met.