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Our newsletters describe client projects in a factual, non-commercial manner that lets the reader draw their own conclusions about the benefits SRK provides. Design HQ's clean layouts and the magic they occasionally work with some of the images we provide make these an inviting read. Client feedback confirms this and our messages do get across.right quote

Neal Rigby, Group Chairman

Implement as comprehensive program to distribute SRK's bi-monthly newsletters — one of their most effective marketing communications pieces.

The newsletters are initially produced for print — typically a 28 to 32 page issue. Once the issue goes to press it's also saved as a hi-res PDF for output and printing in other international offices (eliminating shipping costs) as well as a low-res PDF suitable for emailing and download from the websites.

For the web, we prepare an index page with a thumbnail image and teaser paragraph for each article. Those in-turn link to separate web pages for each article. This builds rich content for the SRK websites which is great for SEO organic search results. The index page and each article page include links to the complete PDF for that issue.

For SRK web-subscribers lists, the issue is delivered as a concise EDM (electronic direct mail) campaign. These give subscribers a simple way to link directly to the article they're interested in reading more about.

The high-quality of each print issue — good images, well-written and edited copy UV printed on good quality dull-coated stock — imparts a subliminal message about SRK's quality proposition. The HTML editions on line provide great indexed content for search engines and push those pages to the top of organic search results for each topic. EDM campaigns are also indexed on SRK sites and provide content through RSS feeds and opt-in subscription lists. Collectively, this media mix ensures that SRK is recognized as an authorative source for consulting expertise.